German Gonzalez on 5th Anniversary of ET

Experience Tequila launched in December, 2008. To commemorate our fifth anniversary, we asked friends and colleagues for their comments or reflections on our first five years. We will post the comments over the course of several months.
Germán González needs no introduction to tequila aficionados. His family is the reason the state os Tamaulipas is included in tequila’s Denomination of Origin region. Germán was at the helm of Tequila Chinaco when that brand was among the vanguard of 100% agave tequila entering the US in the early days. He now has his own brand of Tequila – T1 – “made by friends, for friends.” Germán is most definitely a great friend, as well as a true maestro.

“Over the last few years the tequila category has come of age. Many new tequilas of various types and differences have emerged. Clayton and Experience Tequila have helped aficionados, and non-aficionados understand the explosion of brands and provided an outlet to gain information on tequilas – – specific brands and general trends.

Clayton, I know that launching a new and independent business is really difficult, even more so outside of your country and in a foreign language. But forget about that, you deserve even greater congratulations because you are doing it in the world of tequileros, and I know that is not easy. Many congratulations on your fifth anniversary.”

-Germán González Gorrochotegui, T1 Tequila

German Gonzalez and Clayton Szczech enjoying some vintage Chinaco green label.
German Gonzalez and Clayton Szczech enjoying some vintage Chinaco green label.

This testimonial is part of a series marking Experience Tequila’s fifth anniversary. If you would like to submit your own, we would love to hear from you! Simply email us