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Oaxaca Mezcal Day Tour

Our private, Oaxaca City-based mezcal day tour is a fun, educational, single day experience designed for travelers looking for exclusive access to small, traditional mezcal producers.

Our expert local guides know mezcal inside and out, are bilingual, and were born and raised in Oaxaca. Their knowledge, passion, and friendliness are second to none.

Our focus is on small, family-owned producers of artisanal and ancestral mezcal. However, your custom requests are welcome. You’ll visit at least two palenques (artisanal mezcal distilleries) that are chosen just before your tour to maximize your exposure to active mezcal production and a variety of maguey varietals. Interested in pulque? We can make that happen too.


Two palenque visits and tastings

The itinerary is set within a day or two before your experience, to maximize your exposure to active mezcal production and a variety of maguey varietals. We focus on the real people and families that have been making mezcal for generations, rather than brands, though we are generally able to accommodate your requests as well.

Traditional Oaxacan lunch at a village eatery

We love food just as much as we love mezcal, and Oaxacan cuisine is widely regarded as the best in Mexico. Get ready to try local favorites like memelas, empanadas, and tlayudas direct from a traditional, wood-fired comal. If you’re interested in pulque, there is an excellent producer we visit regularly for tastings and pulque to go.


  • Professional local bilingual guide
  • Private transportation, including pickup and drop-off anywhere in Oaxaca City
  • Two palenque visits and tastings
  • Traditional Oaxacan lunch
  • Optional pulque tasting

Not Included:

  • Tips
  • Mezcal to take home
Oaxaca Map

Private Tour Details

Up to 8 hours, customizable

Seven days a week, year-round

Important announcement

Group Size:
Two to 12, contact us for larger groups

Cost (US Dollars):

Payment in full is due at the time of booking. If you are reserving less than 48 hours before your desired date, please wait for our confirmation of availability.

Want a longer, more in-depth experience?

Check out our four day Oaxaca Mezcal Experience, our annual Mezcal Pechuga Camp, and our custom experiences.

Tour FAQ

Tour guests will be picked up at 10:00am, unless you’ve made other arrangements with us. If we are running late for any reason, we will notify you as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that Oaxaca City experiences serious traffic problems, protest marches, and blockades. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

We generally choose palenques the day before your tour, aiming to maximize your exposure to active mezcal production. We frequently visit artesanal palenques in the villages of San Baltazar Guelavila, Mitla, and Santiago Matatlán. You will visit at least two palenques on the day tour.

No. For reasons of safety and liability, all tour transportation is provided by our professional insured drivers in comfortable, late-model vehicles.

Private day tours have a firm minimum of two guests or $400 US dollars.

Yes! You should carry Mexican pesos. Distilleries and other stops on the tour are generally not able to accept credit cards or foreign currencies. Please be respectful and don’t attempt to haggle with the hard-working mezcaleros who allow us into their homes.

Still have questions? Explore our FAQ page »

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