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Experience Tequila Tours

Be our guest in the state of Jalisco

You’ll experience all dimensions of the tequila production process, from the cultivation and harvesting of agave to the distilleries and the private tasting rooms of some of the best tequileros in the world. You will explore the region through people, relationships, food, music and the deep folk knowledge behind tequila.

Tequila Cascahuinh

Valley of Tequila Day Tour

Guided by our Guadalajara-based colleagues, these daylong experiences are the perfect introduction to tequila. Offered all year.

Making Tequila

Valley of Tequila Four Day Experience

This comprehensive tequila tour is designed for tequila aficionados and their family and friends who may not know they love tequila yet.

Agave Storage

Tequila Highlands Day Tour

This private day tour is designed for serious tequila aficionados who are already familiar with the Tequila Valley.

Barrels of Tequila

Tequila Highlands Four Day Experience

This Highlands tequila tour is designed for the serious aficionado looking to delve further into the world of tequila knowledge.

Ready To Experience Agave?

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The new home of Experience Tequila/Mezcal.

After ten years, we’ve rebranded and moved all of our tours to one website for clarity and ease of booking. Welcome!