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Join us in Oaxaca, the epicenter of mezcal

Our decade-long personal and professional relationships with mezcaleros and their communities allow us to integrate local history, culture and personality into our experiences. You will leave not only well versed in the art of mezcal production but with a deeper understanding of the region’s culture. Like mezcal itself, our experiences are constantly evolving. We enjoy thriving relationships with mezcaleros in various villages, and strive to maximize our guests’ exposure to active mezcal production in different regional traditions and techniques.
Smoldering Agave

Oaxaca Mezcal Day Tour

Guided by Oaxaca mezcal experts, this in-depth day tour is designed for mezcal fans of any experience level. Offered year round.


Oaxaca Mezcal Four Day Experience

This comprehensive mezcal tour is designed for mezcal aficionados who want to maximize learning and fun over four days.


Mezcal Pechuga Camp

An intensive annual camp for lovers of mezcal and the outdoors. For mezcal die-hards looking for an immersive experience.

Experience Our Other Tours:

Mezcal of Colima and Jalisco

Mezcal is made all over Mexico, not just in Oaxaca!

Explore the likely birthplace of distillation and mezcal western Mexico. Our seasonal days tours depart from Comala, Colima, generally between September and May.

We invite you to join us for a unique experience in a whole other world.

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