Kristina Schulte (Casa del Matador) on Fifth Anniversary of ET

Experience Tequila launched in December, 2008. To commemorate our fifth anniversary, we asked friends and colleagues for their comments or reflections on our first five years. We will post the comments over the course of several months.
Casa del Matador, in both Portland and Seattle, has hosted many of our scores of tasting events over the past five years. We’ve working more closely with Kristina Schulte at Portland’s East Burnside location than with anyone else, and she is a true tequila lover and consummate professional. Thank you Kristin and Casa del Matador for accompanying us on the first five years of our tequila journey!

“Casa del Matador Restaurant and Tequila Bar has had a professional relationship with Clayton and Experience Tequila for years. When I first moved to Portland to take over managing this restaurant I was told by many people that Clayton was the go-to-guy for tequila in Portland. We are extremely lucky to have Clayton as a contact in the tequila industry and I now consider him to be the go-to-guy for tequila in general. His passion and dedication to what he does is apparent the moment he begins speaking about the history, production and traditions of tequila. He has conducted educational meetings and tastings here which have reignited our desire to learn and really get involved in the intricacies of each tequila we carry. I’ve worked in the tequila industry for nearly 9 years and always learn something new when I talk to Clayton. I will continue to utilize Experience Tequila as a resource and recommend his services to anyone who has the desire to learn more about such a noble and complex spirit such as tequila.

Congratulations to Clayton and Experience Tequila for 5 years of educating, sharing and enriching the tequila industry with your wealth of knowledge. May you continue to celebrate your success in the years to come. Thank you for your invaluable contributions to our staff and the spirits industry.”

-Kristina Schulte, Casa del Matador East Burnside

This testimonial is part of a series marking Experience Tequila’s fifth anniversary. If you would like to submit your own, we would love to hear from you! Simply email us