Ann Tuennerman (Tales of the Cocktail) on 5th Anniversary of ET

Experience Tequila launched in December, 2008. To commemorate our fifth anniversary, we asked friends and colleagues for their comments or reflections on our first five years. We will post the comments over the course of several months. 
Tales of the Cocktail kicks off in New Orleans this week. Tales is arguably the largest and most important bar industry and cocktail culture event in the world.  Ann Tuennerman founded Tales 12 years ago as a way to show off the vibrant, unique history and culture of her native Crescent City. Ann is a zealous advocate for spirits education, for both trade and consumers. It was a pleasure to finally host Ann in Tequila Country last year, and we look forward to future collaborations. 

“I think Experience Tequila has a wonderful way of spreading the culture of tequila knowledge due to the small, hands-on nature of the company and the tours. This builds intimate personal relationships with the people who care about this region, its history and its culture.

Congratulations Clayton on creating a business that you enjoy and are passionate about sharing with others.”

-Ann Tuennerman,  Tales of the Cocktail

This testimonial is part of a series marking Experience Tequila’s fifth anniversary. If you would like to submit your own, we would love to hear from you! Simply email us