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Tomas Estes on Fifth Anniversary of ET

Experience Tequila launched in December, 2008. To commemorate our fifth anniversary, we asked friends and colleagues for their comments or reflections on our first five years. We will post the comments over the course of several months. 
Tomás Estes probably needs no introduction to tequila aficionados. As a restauranteur, he brought 100% agave tequila to Europe. For this and the rest of his unceasing research and education into tequila, the CNIT (Mexico’s National Chamber of the Tequila Industry) named him Tequila Ambassador to Europe. His ideas about terroir in tequila led to the creation of Tequila Ocho as a collaboration with the legendary Carlos Camarena. What’s more, he is an eager mentor, a paragon of humility and a truly good person and friend.

“Clayton, congrats on your five year milepost – especially on the success you’ve had in changing the landscape of the Tequila category.

I have told numerous people about our tour of Portland and Seattle and how the groups of your regular customers you assembled outshone the trade groups in levels of expertise and enthusiasm about Tequila. You have certainly created a following of impassioned people and this makes a deep difference. Thanks for all you’ve done for the category and all you continue to do.

With respect and admiration, “

– Tomás Estes, Ocho Tequila and Ambassador of Tequila to Europe

Tomas Estes with Clayton Szczech
Tomás Estes with Experience Tequila founder Clayton Szczech at an educational tasting they co-hosted.

This testimonial is part of a series marking Experience Tequila’s fifth anniversary. If you would like  to submit your own, we would love to hear from you! Simply email us.  


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